Who we are

Our story

Born from traditions and made for modern lifestyles, Freshen Food is a celebration of Chinese culinary and apothecary excellence.

Freshen Food's double-boiled soups were inspired by my grandmother's love, subtly expressed in home-cooked soups that she dotingly bottled to provide comfort and balance for my evenings in the office when I first started working. I later embarked on a venture of retailing packed Chinese soups some years back, to bring that very gift of care to more people. 

Life then brought about my first encounter with acupuncture and herbalism, and a year in Hong Kong where I learnt more about the Cantonese tradition of soup making. These experiences converge in traditional Chinese philosophies of nature, balance and healing – traditions that are all the more relevant in the busy world of today. 

Food Innovation & Resource Centre

Our present range of bottled double-boiled soups is built on these principles, blending the therapeutic benefits of each ingredient into distinctly traditional soup flavours. We make them modern simply with innovation.

Our team endeavours to bring heartfelt care to you with recipes that have stood the test of time, technology that enables us to honour pure and natural nourishment, our combined culinary, TCM and food science expertise – and above all, our dedication to the spirit of wellness.

We are grateful to share what we know and what we cook with you. Thank you for supporting us on this journey of nourishment.


Our commitment

We make every jar of Freshen Food's double-boiled soups from start to finish in Singapore.  And because we truly care about quality, we are fully hands-on throughout the entire process.

Health-giving ingredients are carefully measured based on traditional recipes, while chefs prepare our signature superior stock with fresh chicken and premium dried scallop and octopus. The bottled soups are then double-boiled using bottled bird's nest technology, so you can simply heat-and-serve to enjoy their all-natural, nourishing goodness.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how our soups are made.