Blending the best of Chinese culinary and apothecary traditions, Freshen Food brings to you the nourishing goodness of double-boiled soups – ready to enjoy anytime in the comfort of home. 

The heartwarming taste of traditional Chinese soups is carefully treated with high temperature sterilization, the same technology that is used for bottled bird's nest, then sealed in glass jars to conserve flavours and nutrients for you to simply heat and serve.

Our all natural promise is made possible when we bring tradition and technology together to serve double-boiled soups that contain absolutely no preservatives, no MSG and no stabilizers.

How our soups are made

A superior stock base is first prepared by chefs the traditional way with fresh chicken and premium dried seafood, just as it is done in the best Chinese restaurants.

The superior stock is then double-boiled with ingredients based on revered health-giving properties according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and carefully treated with the science of high temperature sterilization in a steam autoclave.

Born from traditions, made for modern lifestyles

A celebration of culinary and apothecary excellence.

Freshen Food was motivated by a grandmother's love, subtly expressed but deeply heartfelt in home-cooked soups bottled for her granddaughter's work nights, to provide comfort and balance in a busy world.

We endeavour to bring that thoughtful care to you with recipes that have stood the test of time, technology that enables us to honour pure and natural nourishment, and a dedicated team of culinary, TCM and food science specialists committed to the spirit of wellness.

Our products are made, with love and pride, in Singapore.